Nurse Led Diagnostic Clinic Presentation 26th July

Nurse Led Diagnostic Clinic Presentation 26th July

Those of you that were able to attend the supporters meeting on Wednesday 26th July, will know how informative and useful the presentation & Q&A session by Ellyse & Cyrus from Torbay Hospital was. This covered the Nurse Led Diagnostic Clinic they run from Paignton Hospital.

Full details of the presentation below:

Torbay and South Devon NHS Foundation Trust diagnose approximately 258 men with prostate cancer each year. In addition to these, 2,100 men are actively monitored using our PSA tracker.

Our role, historically undertaken by a Consultant or a Senior Registrar, sees the patient throughout their full diagnostic journey.

Initially, we will receive a referral from the patients GP surgery which we will ‘screen’ and decide which diagnostic tests they need, if any, before their face to face appointment. These tests can include, but are not limited to an MRI of the prostate, a CT of the chest, abdomen and pelvis and a nuclear medicine bone scan. We will then see these patients in clinic. From January 23 to June 23, we have seen 248 patients in clinic. A detailed history and physical assessment will be made including their PSA, their digital rectal examination and scan results. After this, in collaboration with the patient, the next steps will be discussed. This may include a prostate biopsy, discharge to GP, watchful waiting or further diagnostic scans. Of the 248 patients seen in clinic, 139 patients were advised to proceed to a prostate biopsy. 129 were listed, and 10 declined.

As well as clinic, we also perform prostate biopsies. From February to June I have performed 175 prostate biopsies. Of the biopsies performed, 170 of these were new patients who had presented via the 2WW clinic (2 week wait) and 51 of these were active surveillance biopsies. Of the new presentations, 88 of these men, 68% had clinically significant prostate cancer.

We undertook 51 Active Surveillance biopsies. 18 of these men, 35% had upgrading of their known prostate cancer. It is likely that these men went on to require treatment. 33 of these men, 65% had no upgrading and therefore, they could safely remain on active surveillance.

Helping Raise Awareness & funds for specialist prostate cancer related equipment

Helping Raise Awareness & funds for specialist prostate cancer related equipment

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