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Hormone Therapy Powerpoint Presentation

Below is a link to the slides from a Powerpoint Presentation on Hormone Therapy given at our members’ meeting on 27th September 2023:-


Let’s Talk About the hard Things

Earlier in 2021 Prostate Cancer Research (PCR), in partnership with Tackle Prostate Cancer and the pharmaceutical company Ipsen, launched a national survey to better understand the experiences faced by prostate cancer patients, especially related to the challenges concerning side effects.


We surveyed over 350 people with prostate cancer as part of this work. We have launched a new campaign, ‘Let’s Talk About the Hard Things’, spearheaded by Good Morning Britain’s Dr Hilary Jones, to break down the taboos surrounding the side effects of prostate cancer treatment and encourage people with prostate cancer to talk about their experiences with friends, family and healthcare professionals.


In our research we found that nearly 7 in 10 men feel that speaking to other men living with prostate cancer, or having their friends and family understand how they feel, would help them discuss some of the ‘hard’ topics more openly.


That is why we have launched a new series of powerful videos, featuring a diverse range of people affected by prostate cancer, each showcasing a different pairing discussing their experiences of prostate cancer and the side effects of their treatment. The videos, along with more detailed findings from our research, can be found at:


We hope these videos and this campaign helps members of your group and others open up with their healthcare professionals, their family, their friends and their peers.

Helping Raise Awareness & funds for specialist prostate cancer related equipment

Helping Raise Awareness & funds for specialist prostate cancer related equipment

Serving men of all ages and their family and friends, through a programme of support before, during and after diagnosis.

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