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Torbay Prostate

Support Association

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Serving men of all ages, and their partners, through a program of support before, during and after diagnosis.

I was born in 1951, in what is now the London Borough of Hillingdon &, having lived in Hampshire, Somerset & Gloucestershire, moved to Devon in 1984.

I was diagnosed with aggressive Prostate Cancer in 2017, aged 66. Like many men I was not aware of any symptoms & the Cancer was only diagnosed after the GP did a digital rectal examination, my PSA was between 6 & 7.

I had Hormone Therapy, High Dose Brachytherapy & External Beam Radiotherapy.

During, & after, active treatment I gained much from talking with other men, learning from their experiences. I also gained much from contacting the Specialist Nurses at Prostate Cancer UK.

Thus, my motivation for being a Trustee of TPSA is to enable the continuing existence of a local group. I am a great believer in our ability to learn, & gain support, from each other. We also need to ensure that the best services are available locally.

Clive Richoux Secretary